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Cedars Upper

Celebrating Innovation: Students Shine at CCADIS App Making Competition

In a showcase of ingenuity and creativity, students from Cedars recently participated in the Climate Change and Digital Innovation Summit (CCADIS) in Luton, leaving a lasting impression with their innovative technological approach to tackling climate change.

The CCADIS competition serves as a platform for students to demonstrate their prowess in app development, with a focus on addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Representing our school were four bright minds from years 9 to 11, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives to the project.

What set our students apart was their holistic approach to problem-solving. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, they crafted a solution that seamlessly integrated JavaScript, Augmented Reality (AR) via Adobe Aero, RFID NFC tags, and QR codes. This multi-faceted approach not only showcased their technical proficiency but also highlighted their ability to think outside the box in addressing complex issues. Despite not clinching the top prize, our students garnered widespread acclaim for their exemplary work.

Judges and fellow competitors alike were drawn to their stand, eager to engage in discussions about their app solution. Their professionalism shone through in a compelling one-minute stage sales pitch that captivated the audience and left a lasting impression. Reflecting on the students' achievement, our Head Teacher Mr Gibbs expressed immense pride in their accomplishment. "The dedication and innovation displayed by our students at CCADIS are a testament to their talents and the quality of education provided at Cedars. Their ability to harness technology to address real-world challenges is truly commendable." Our Computer Science teaching staff, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the students' commitment to excellence and their ability to apply classroom knowledge to practical solutions. "It's incredibly rewarding to see our students not only mastering technical skills but also demonstrating creativity and critical thinking in solving global issues like climate change," remarked Mr. Anderson.

Our students really are an example to us all, added Mr. Birtles. As a school community, we celebrate the achievements of our students at CCADIS and look forward to further opportunities for them to showcase their talents on a broader stage. Their success serves as an inspiration to us all, reaffirming our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in education. Congratulations to our students for their outstanding performance at CCADIS.

Together with them, we continue to make strides towards a brighter, more sustainable future.