"Good for outcomes, Good for teaching, learning and assessment, Good for personal development, behaviour and welfare, Good for 6th form, Good for leadership and management - Ofsted 2017"

Cedars Upper School

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Student Support Centre


The Student Support Centre has 3 full time staff; the Team Leader for Mind Ed, a deputy and an assistant who works mainly with students on managing their behaviour.  Some staff have completed counselling studies courses, as well as courses relating to self-harm, eating disorders, bereavement, anger management and protective behaviours. 

The Student Support Centre supports inclusion in many different ways.
We work closely with the pastoral support teams and the school's Supported Learning Centre. Smaller classrooms make returning to school following a long absence easier and provide a less daunting environment for students who are feeling vulnerable for whatever reason. Liaising with parents, carers and other professionals ensures that all students receive support which is appropriate for their individual needs.

The SSC can also be used as a holding area whilst investigations take place, and we ensure that if a student is isolated they are encouraged to find a way of addressing the cause of concern.

A reintegration programme following a period of exclusion is offered.
Our social area provides a safe haven at breaks and lunchtimes.

Support available

  • Ear4U2 - a peer mentoring scheme
  • Anger management
  • 1:1 advice and mentoring
  • Counselling by a professional counsellor
  • Raising self-esteem/ increasing confidence
  • Raising resilience.

The school’s approach to ensuring students’ safety, care and welfare is meticulous and effective.

Students say that they feel safe in school. They know about different forms of bullying and say that it occurs rarely and is dealt with well.  Ofsted 2013