"Good for outcomes, Good for teaching, learning and assessment, Good for personal development, behaviour and welfare, Good for 6th form, Good for leadership and management - Ofsted 2017"

Cedars Upper School

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Personal Social Religious Education

Team Leader: Mr G Westoby
Team Leader e-mail address: gwestoby@cedarsupper.org.uk

PSR at Cedars comprises: Religious Education, Philiosopy and Ethics, Personal Social & Health Education. 

Courses offered:

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  • Yrs 9 - 11: Non-examined core provision of RE and PSHE including sex & relationships education.
  • Yrs 10 & 11:  An optional full course GCSE in Religious Studies (New specification OCR course).
  • Yrs 12-13 AS & A-level: Philosophy of religion, religious ethics and developments in Christian thought.


Picture of scalesWe use a variety of teaching & learning methods in PSR to help our students not only develop their knowledge and understanding but also their evaluation and critical thinking skills. Class discussion and debate play an important part in our work.
Each year we survey our Year 11 and Year 13 students’ opinions on our teaching and their learning to help us continually improve what we offer.

Reasons for doing PSR: 
If you want to work with people, in caring work, teaching, law, journalism, publishing, police work, health, work with children or to work abroad, PSR / Religious studies will give plenty to think about and valuable expertise. In the world of work, employers look for someone with an enquiring mind, an appreciation of different viewpoints, an ability to come to clear and balanced decisions. These skills all develop through study of courses in this department.